DISCOVER has created a new way for carers to access support.

The DISCOVER Skills Zone is designed to increase carers' knowledge and digital skills and knowledge whilst at the same time providing a window to carers' needs for a range of service providers – from commissioners and care associations to front line practitioners working in health and social care settings.
It offers independent skills development and opportunities for carers to use technology safely and securely in ways that support them while enhancing their caring role.

What the DISCOVER Skills Zone offers

  • Develops confidence in the use of technology and the internet to enhance digital skills, while at the same time increasing care related knowledge.
  • Activities and resources that are evaluated by professionals which include health care academics, health care staff, psychologists and psychiatrists.
  • Topic themes that are based on research into current face-to-face provision for professional carers, professional carers perspectives of their learning needs and awareness of the most prevalent long term conditions. Topics cover areas such as dementia, stroke, heart disease, assistive technologies, finance and much more.
  • Online resources including quizzes and activities to reinforce learning and online assessments to help check knowledge on completion of topics.

Small bite size sections to make online training easy to complete when time is available. Content is reinforced through engaging simulations, interactive videos and a variety of practical opportunities to apply what is learned.

Supports professional development and employment

The DISCOVER service can improve carer prospects and employment opportunities for carers by supporting them to record the wide range of knowledge, skills and experience gained through their caring role.
The e-Portfolio Pack enables learners to record and evidence their achievement, which can be accessed and used in different situations, including seeking employment.

Screenshot of the Skills Zone site

The Skills Zone

Are you a Carer looking to find out how technology can make your life easier or help you with what you do? Join the DISCOVER Skills Zone for support in taking those first steps online and developing your skills further.