WP4 Service pilots

Work Package 4 is responsible for planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating a 12 months operational phase of the DISCOVER service in 4 pilot sites. Pilot sites are in Greece, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK.

Work package objectives for period one (M1-M12)

The objectives of period 1 were to plan the implementation of the pilots; develop the evaluation methodology and support the integration of local components in WP3.

Work package objectives for period two (M13-M24)

The objectives for period 2 were to recruit the first cohort of platform users and initiate and trial the DISCOVER service.

Work package objectives for period three (M25-M36)

The objectives for period 3 were to manage the recruitment and retention of carers into the project, organise the surveys for evaluation and review the DISCOVER service to develop a business plan for WP5.

D4.1 Pilot Plan

D4.2 Training Material & Quality Assurance Report

D4.3 Evaluation Methodology

D4.4 Pilot & Service Methodology Report

D4.5 Usability Report

D4.6 Post Implementation Review