WP6 Communication & Dissemination

Work Package 6 is the workstream for delivering an extensive range of activities that will raise awareness of stakeholders and promote the project. This includes building and maintaining the project website, use of social media channels, producing publicity materials and organising conferences, events, presentations and publications.

Work package objectives for period one (M1-M12)

The objectives for period 1 were to develop the project brand, launch the project, create the project website, set up social media channels and create the communications plan.

Work package objectives for period one (M13-M24)

The objectives for period 2 were to ensure carers in Greece, Spain and the Netherlands can find information about DISCOVER and access to the learning platform in their local language; increase the dissemination activities through European and National events and communicate a steady flow of project information.

Work package objectives for period three (M25-M36)

The objectives for period 3 were to deliver two major events, i.e., the mid-term conference in October 2014, which garnered stakeholder input for WP5 and the final project conference in February 2015, which shared project results.

D6.1.1 Project Presentation

D6.1.2 Communication & Dissemintation Plan

D6.2 Stakeholder Database

D6.3 Project Website

D6.4 Dissemination Report - Interim

D6.5 Dissemination Report - Interim

D6.6 Dissemination Report - FINAL