What do carers say?

I look after my mother who has Alzheimer's. For the past five years I have been her main carer. I really like the idea of of pulling together the best information there is out there and making it available in one place, so I will be following the development of DISCOVER very closely. Bye for now.

Mary, Ireland

I provide care for my father, who finds it difficult to get about as well as suffering other age-related conditions. However he still likes to keep his mind active and likes to get his hands on the latest gadgets, especially tablets - as the touchscreen is so much easier for him use; but the cost of these things, within a tight care budget, makes them unattainable and out of our reach.

Sharon, Birmingham

Hello, I was a carer for my wife, but unfortunately she has now died. To have a resource available such as Discover would have been a great help for me to find information about her condition and to learn new things and find people going through similar situation to me.

Screenshot of the Skills Zone site

The Skills Zone

Are you a Carer looking to find out how technology can make your life easier or help you with what you do? Join the DISCOVER Skills Zone for support in taking those first steps online and developing your skills further.